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suffering exposed.

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Recently, we exposed disturbing and gratuitous animal cruelty in an investigation into Vivotecnia, a testing laboratory in Spain. When you love animals, it is upsetting to hear of their suffering, but to protect animals, we must confront the truth of cruelty and bring it into the spotlight. Please, a kind donation from you today could help us to end animal testing like this for good.

Behind closed doors in the laboratory, animals, housed in barren conditions, were taunted, smacked and violently shaken, fully conscious rats had blood drawn from their eyes and staff behaved in a sickening way, laughing and posing for pictures with dead animals, amongst other horrific cruelty.

If you’re angered or heartbroken by these details, like we are, please consider making a donation to help stop this happening again and save countless other animals for good.


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