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Countless animals are suffering in the scramble to find a vaccine. The sad reality is that lockdown never ends for animals in laboratories.

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Lockdown never ends for animals in laboratories

During these challenging times we need to be a strong voice for animals in laboratories. As there is a global rush to test a potential vaccine against Covid-19 many animals could suffer in potentially misleading tests. Now more than ever we need your help to continue our vital work to end the suffering of animals and push for the development of progressive, non-animal methods.

This is a now-or-never moment. It’s time to switch to non-animal methods for good. Right now, we must fight harder than ever for progressive, humane alternatives – and your support today will help us in this fight.

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  • £12 can help us research new non-animal methods and determine how they can replace animals
  • £25 can help fund our scientists to promote non-animal methods to companies and medicines regulators
  • £50 can help our scientists raise awareness of the problems with animal testing and help change international medicine guidelines