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Thousands of dogs suffered in UK laboratories last year. 
We need MPs to #LeadTheWay to a UK without testing on dogs.  

Beagle puppies behind bars

Weedkiller is not a treat.

Across the UK, thousands of dogs are trapped in laboratories. They live in small cages, which restrict their movement, and are often not allowed outside.

Dogs in UK laboratories are most commonly used in ‘poisoning’ or toxicity tests, where they are force-fed or injected with drugs, pesticides and weed killer. Mothers have their pups taken from them at just weeks old.

It’s time the UK put an end to this cruel and unnecessary practice. Help us end their suffering now. .


Ask your MP to #LeadTheWay to a world without dog testing

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How you can help:

We want to make sure that the UK is at the forefront of animal welfare – and to do that, we need to stop cruel and ineffective toxicity tests on dogs. It’s time to tell Parliament how we feel about testing on dogs, and put pressure on them to take positive action. 

We need you to sign the petition, calling for the UK government to end experimentation on dogs. 

Beagle puppy

Bonnie's story.

Research indicates that dogs have the same level of emotional intelligence as human toddlers.

This makes the reality of animal testing even more painful for dogs like Bonnie. Bonnie was kept in a lab. Her movement was restricted, and she was not shown the love and affection that all dogs deserve. When she had puppies, they were taken from her. She never saw them again. 

With the help of Cruelty Free International, Bonnie was rehomed and now lives with a family who can give her the love and care she desperately needed. Most laboratory dogs are not this lucky. Please help us end the heartbreak of testing on dogs. 

Could you help save a dog like Bonnie?


How you are helping: 

Your participation is vital in saving thousands of innocent animals from suffering. Parliament doesn’t think you care about the health and happiness of dogs, so it’s time we told them. 


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